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The Black Watch

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The Museum takes pride in its constantly changing environment and strives to provide a in-depth focus on different aspects of the Regimental history from time to time.

Our temporary exhibition gallery has a programme of engaging and changing exhibitions, often featuring collections from our stores.

Morrison: The Man, The Search, The Discovery 15th February - 6th June 2017

In 2014 the body of an unknown soldier was found in a field in France. Two years of investigation resulted in those remains being identified as Lance Corporal Morrison, 1st Battalion, The Black Watch. Follow the journey of a soldier lost on the battlefields of the First World War and explore the incredible story of his discovery 100 years later.

Life Behind The Wire | 30th June until 30th November

The term “Prisoner of War” can generate images of depravation, hardship and harsh treatment. This perception of Prisoner of War camps was in some cases true, however for many, whilst not pleasant, it was at least safe. The initial shame and trauma of capture gave way to an understanding that boredom and physical weakness rather than bullets were now the greatest enemies. Prisoners would battle against these foes by trying to educate and entertain themselves.  The Life Behind the Wire exhibition uncovers the lives of Black Watch soldiers captured and imprisoned during the 20th Century. It explores their experiences shared through letters, photographs, art and objects brought home as mementoes of their time in captivity.

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