The Black Watch Today

On 28 March 2006 The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) was merged with other Scottish Infantry Battalions to form the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Black Watch SoldiersThe title of the battalion is now The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The values and traditions of The Black Watch live on in a new guise and in the autumn of 2011 The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion of The Royal Regiment of Scotland will be posted to Helmand Province in Afghanistan, currently one of the world's most exciting Theatres of War where it will display all of the fighting skill that has been the Regiment's hallmark since its formation in 1739. The Battalion will take part in the transition to Afghan led governance.

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The Black watch todayThe Black Watch remains as active in its recruitment as ever and is constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic and able new officers and soldiers.

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To find out more about joining The Black Watch as an officer contact Lieutenant Colonel R M Riddell here.

To find out more about joining the Black Watch Battalion as a soldier, click here.

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