Black Watch History

'In a Highland Regiment every individual feels that his conduct is the subject of observation and that, independently of his duty, as one member of a systematic whole he has a separate and individual reputation to sustain, which will be reflected on his family and district or glen.'

The words above are as relevant today as when they were written by a 19th century Black Watch historian. They lucidly illustrate that The Black Watch boasts a history of honour, gallantry and devoted service to King, Queen and country.  The battles which have contributed most to The Black Watch history have been those in which the odds have been most formidable.  From Fontenoy to Fallujah with Ticonderoga, Waterloo, Alamein and two World Wars in between the Black Watch has been there when the world’s history has been shaped. 

The Black Watch has played a significant part in each of these bloody and mighty conflicts and the sheer scope and scale of The Black Watch’s contribution is what has nurtured a deep pride in this great Regiment.

The links below will take you through a short history of The Black Watch, taking in the most significant periods in its history, from its formation in 1739 to the theatres of war that The Black Watch is engaged with today.


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