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The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland is currently deployed in Cyprus on Operation TOSCA 22; the second largest deployment of British Army personnel overseas.

It is a peacekeeping mission with the United Nations Force in Cyprus and represents 90 percent of the UK’s contribution to UN operations.

The Black Watch Battalion is normally based in Fort George near Inverness - an 18th Century Fort looking out to the Moray Firth - and is currently a light role Infantry battalion.

Over the last year the battalion has had a presence in over 11 different countries including Spain, France, Morocco, Libya, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Kuwait, Jordan, Nepal, and Canada. We have been training hard for UN operations, maintaining our conventional capability and upholding the reputation of the battalion and regiment.

Over the coming year the battalion is sending Jocks to support Ex ASKARI STORM in Kenya, before then being tested on Ex GAULISH EAGLE, an urban operations exercise at the French urban training complex CENZUB. In 2016 the Battalion will conduct its own training in Kenya on Ex ASKARI STORM whilst simultaneously converting to the Light Mechanised Role using Foxhound and RWIMK vehicles.

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The Black Watch Battalion is actively recruiting and is constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic and able new officers and soldiers.

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To find out more about joining The Black Watch Battalion as an officer contact Captain Martin Stanning.

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