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Book Festival | Battles of the Perthshire Muirs

Book Festival | Battles of the Perthshire Muirs

Sat, Sep. 21, 2019 5:00pm — 6:00pm

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Rob Hand

The death of Robert the Bruce in 1329 gave opportunity for those with designs on the Scottish Crown. In 1332, funded by Edward III; Edward Balliol organised an invasion army that marched on Scone. At Dupplin Moor their passage was halted by a larger force but Balliol’s army was victorious. 312 years later, Tippermuir witnessed a Royalist army, under the Marquis of Montrose, rout a numerically-superior adversary.  Balliol and Montrose’s military prowess stands in contrast to the Earl of Mar’s poor generalship at Sheriffmuir (1715). 

Rob Hands will tell the story of these three Perthshire battles from both the historical and geographical point of view. Rob writes geography textbooks and has contributed to several books including Battleground Perthshire. 

Tickets £6 | Call 01738 638152 option 3 to book