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Book Festival | The Generation that fought two World Wars

Book Festival | The Generation that fought two World Wars

Sat, Sep. 21, 2019 2:00pm — 3:00pm

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Victoria Schofield in conversation with Lt Gen Sir Alistair Irwin

In her masterly biography, Wavell: Soldier & Statesman, Victoria Schofield brings to life one of the towering figures of World War 2 and, in the process, illuminates many of the obscure pages of the history of the period. Victoria’s interest in military history was heavily influenced by her father, Vice Admiral Brian Schofield. Victoria is author of the two-volume history of The Black Watch, The Highland Furies and the award winning The Black Watch: Fighting on the Front Line. She has recently edited her father’s memoirs With the Royal Navy in War and Peace: O’er the Dark Blue Sea.

In conversation with Lt Gen SirAlistair Irwin, Victoria will discuss the extraordinary careers of Field Marshal Wavell and Admiral Schofield. As late Victorians, the era of their birth dictated their lives, both seeing active service in two world wars, with Wavell rising to supreme command in both the Middle East and India. 

The Wavell Exhibition can be seen in Gallery 7 of The Black Watch Museum.

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