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Cawnpore Gong

Cawnpore Gong

Large gong hanging on blue metal frame. Found in bullock cart in Cawnpore.

The Battle of Cawnpore took place on 6th and 9th December 1857 at Seria Ghat. At this time the Battalion captured a large gong, commonly known as the Cawnpore Gong. It was found, hidden in a bullock cart, by men of the Grenadier Company.

The inscription reads: Captured by the 42nd Royal Highlanders The Black Watch at Serighat East indies from the Mjharejs of the Gwahor Contingent on DECr 1857.

Normally, the gong is rung on the hour at the Guard Room of The Black Watch 3SCOTS, and accompanies the Battalion wherever they go.

Type Gong
Location On Loan
Number TN1700